Capital Coast make it look easy in their first ever video for Inside Times

Music videos can be a tricky thing to master. Try to make a clip with a concept too simple or transparent and you may come away with a shitty and rushed looking video. Try too hard to make a clip that gives off the vibe that you’re a super suave charmer and God forbid you may look like a Pitbull wannabe. And… if you try to tap into you inner self and share a far too deep concept that only you understand, you’ll just leave people staring blankly at the screen with not a single clue of what just happened in the last three minutes.

Thankfully, Wollongong five piece Capital Coast have hit the nail on the head and have delivered a super slick and thought provoking video for their new single Inside Times. Following their debut EP Spacehead that was released earlier this year which introduced us to their laid back and infectious sounds, the guy are now back with a far more mature and refined vibe.


Inside Times from Capital Coast hits twenty-somethings where it hurts alluding to the all too familiar feeling of reaching a dead end in song and in video

Considering this is the band’s first video release, the concept for the clip is executed extremely well and will most likely hit home with anyone who has felt like they’ve ever hit a dead end. The band’s vocalist Nick Hutt gave us a bit of insight into where the idea stemmed from, explaining “Ben (bass) and I always spoke about making a music video series because we thought if we were going to bother making something decent we may as well do something that means something to us rather than have the songs misrepresented. We sat down on our deck one night with a pen and paper and a few beers. Our Director Declan Arrighi and Ben both fleshed out a lot of the material and within a few weeks we were shooting.”

The video follows the story of the character of Johnny Hunter, who acts as a symbol for the dropkick lunatic culture that has been present within the band. The bleak colours of the video, teamed with lyrics like “I’m falling a little bit deeper” create a scene of despair and frustration, something I’m sure the majority of people in their early 20’s can relate to.

In line with this video, the band now have plans to create two more videos for singles from their upcoming EP that follow the character of Johnny Hunter. Once all released, the videos will seamlessly link together, creating a mini-series type of imagery.

In what has started off as a huge year for the Wollongong based band, it looks as though they’re just getting started. Their sophomore EP is set to be released in July, which will see the band hit the road for a string of tours throughout New South Wales and Victoria. In the meantime, you can check them out playing the Hotel Steyne in Manly every Saturday throughout April. Do it!