Sans Parents show us how to be a standup citizen while rocking your speed dealers in their new video, Can’t Stop Moving

Just as we thought summer was fading on us, Sans Parents administer CPR and Can’t Stop Moving is breathing the life back. Since the recent release of their epic single, the boys have come back with a video that’s taking the song places we didn’t expect… literally. The track has obvious, tasty nods to pop indie legends The Shins and Big Star with clear 1970s tones as well as some pretty classic nineties thematic visual effects.

The opening shot, overlaid by Rage reminiscent volume controls in bright alluring colours, is the best kind of bespectacled office drone, desk bound and slightly depressed.  The ominously contrasting electronic phone rings and a life or death call is on the other end, begging and pleading for assistance, he hangs up and old mate is out of there like a buzzard.


Ever wanted to undertake a psychedelic rescue mission after work, all while donning your speed dealers? Sans Parents have done it, and lived to tell the tale

That infectious snare beat and funky crooning follows our friend along the existential yet heroic adventure that is his journey through the suburban streets. But where is this guy going? Scenes flash between lonely highway side strolls to intense bush bashing. He’s well prepared for the glaring sun’s rays as he dons his speed dealers; stopping continually for some necessary errands.

Our protagonist miraculously stumbles upon a happy collection of bento boxes, soon musing on his own shadow in a drain and finally rescuing a lost baby from a piñata he so skilfully shreds using a pipe found in a public toilet and returning the sorry infant to its yearning Mum, but her apparent mental state begs as to whether or not this is a good idea. If this doesn’t make you want to watch this video, nothing will.

The track doesn’t fail to deliver on psychedelic reverb and perfect pop vibes, which sit comfortably beside each other, pushing our guy along on his journey of self-discovery and heroism. The music fills the video with meaning and makes for a completely tantalizing experience.

The trip is constantly punctuated with some pretty epic heat detection fluorescent effects over close ups of this drop dead smokin’ bloke as well as Sans Parents themselves guiding a kaleidoscope of visual fuck around in the best way. If you were to choose a song to accompany you on this journey around Brisbane’s suburbs it would be Can’t Stop Moving. Funky fresh and sufficiently weird, this new video from Sans Parents balances creative visuals with the crisp sound of this already well received track.

Definitely one to watch if you want to become a part time child rescuer with talents in Mexican party games or if you think Sans Parents are rad and you reckon their video is just as sick as the song…. probably both.