Charming and transcendent as its namesake, Saturn Returns is an incredible debut from Loose Tooth

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Any band that sees fit to have five breeds of man’s best friend front and centre on their new ‘me oh, my Sally-Mae that’s right darling’ press release pic deserves your vote or at least 82% of your heart strings.

After getting past the blitz of canine feels that’ll dredge up all the mems from Homeward Bound, having you paw around for the closest bundle of fur to cuddle and reassure, it’s time to get into the cruisey- I’ll harmonise if I want to – garage sandwich Loose Tooth serves up, crisp and crunchy for the arvo nom.

loose tooth saturns returns


Smart, charming and talented, Loose Tooth are like the perfect date, and like anyone worth going out with there’s a little darkness under the surface on Saturn Returns.

In a perfect world, the Saturn Returns EP would be the soundtrack to a cute lil’ indie film out of, where the heck else, Melbourne. The general gist of the film that’ll go on to break cute lil’ indie film independent cinema records would live up to the gutsy and gosh darn great vibes of Loose Tooth. The main character would fang around the Australian outback in a biopic centering on a Mad Max-esque, fatalistic-esque archetype.

Saturn Returns, with how-you-going croons and haunting vocals, echoes, sending chills that then multiply, resounding in a cavernous expanse. Guitars that fill the space but play nicely with all the other kids and harmonies that soar to make sure everything’s all-righty-roo ensure that this EP is one solid gumnut.

The band, made up of femmes Etta and Nellie, and chap Luc Dawson, have collaborated to weave together a layered EP as cool, fuzzy and transcendent sounding as the planet lending its name. Minor dips and lilts in melody bring the reach of this EP into a spectrum of grey with honest and raw lyrics ensuring a mature landscape.

Drawing on personal experiences on History Aside, “you’re only happy on the surface/but it’s showing through”, leaves not many dark crevices in which to hide. This band is not afraid to be vulnerable in their music. A trust comes through in their EP that makes for acute listening, brain and heart cruising the streets together.

Any band that can keep up a solid crunch-punch while maintaining a tight racquet on drums, a crisp shredding of guitars, satisfyingly brazen vocals and confident emotional honesty, deserve to be a part of our morning routine. “It’s your last chance/sucking on my patience” might be appropriate catharsis for the rigors of the early morning bus ordeal.

Saturn Return is now in our orbit, and in the effort to assuage the criticisms of the generations that have goneth before, we will patiently wait for the indie biopic to be made. In the meantime, go for that long postponed dental check up. Pull those pearly whites back from the brink and sink them into the fuzzy garage pop goodness from Loose Tooth. It’ll do everyone some good.

Saturn Returns is out April 1st via Milk! Records.

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