Castle unveils a divinely orchestral break-up anthem with ‘Moving On’

Silky and soaring with prowess, Castle offers up a uniquely impressive new single that navigates heartbreak and female solidarity.

Perth based singer-songwriter Castle is an old soul. At just sixteen, she’s released her debut single Moving On: a transformative work of pure indie-pop triumph. Her fresh-faced and clearly articulated take on a break-up anthem is decorated in a delicate vintage sheen. Under her own label Castle Music, she is about to take the industry by storm with her performative new age sound.

Whilst the world went through a breakdown, Castle was busy creating. Reflecting the ontological themes of 2020   back into the narrative of the end of a romantic relationship, she cleverly addresses the theme of resilience. Optimistic and brave, Moving On is Castle’s victory lap. After busking around Perth, whilst juggling the stresses of high school, she’s self-funded her own project and offers up creative brilliance.

Photo: Andrew Ho

Much like the milky, pastel tones of Andrew Ho’s beautiful press shots, Castle begins Moving On with dreamy chords and delicacy. Similarly to that of opera-trained singer Kate Miller-Heidke, Castle teases her vocal acrobatics with small gestures. You get the sense that her extreme control hides a much bigger range as the pre-chorus builds with electronic inflections. A. romantic string section indicates the energy surge to come and then the chorus eventually bursts with a euphoric, “I’m moving on” in the majestic topline.

Transcending genre and generations, Castle weaves acoustic-pop with an infectious, club-inspired groove. Moving On has a clear chapter of self-realisation and mood. Ultimately, it’s a coming of age exultation and Castle is the heroine at the centre of this evolution. Praising female relationships, she epitomises both the gracefulness and changeability of femininity.


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The catchy lyrics and seemingly effortless arrangement of Moving On was completed by Castle. Chad Blondel from Blondel Studio recorded and mixed the track, and performed session instruments. And Chris Gehringer assisted in mastering to production perfection. If you enjoy the inventive memorability of Vera Blue, you’ll adore the wildly whimsical nature of Castle. 

You can listen to Moving On on all the usual platforms.

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