Charles Bradley’s moving new video shows the sad truth of the state of the world

Soul maestro, Charles Bradley has never been one to shy away from the harsh realities of the state of politics and social turmoil in our modern world. His new video for Change For The World makes what could be his most straight edged statement yet, using imagery that is distressing in its raw truthfulness.

Charles Bradley

With his old school prowess on full display and the sounds of the likes of soul originators such as Otis Redding ringing true in his unique interpretation, Bradley’s vocals are a hear wrenching cry for awareness and clarity in the confusion of such terror and hatred.

With hoards of brass oozing their metallic hearts over pulsating drums and Bradley’s signature howls, Change For The World makes its statement in style and is a poignant reminder of music’s power to spread messages of love and compassion.

In contrast to the message of the track, the visuals shown throughout the video are ripped from a year of undeniable darkness in the political world. The sight of the evils of our modern day from violent terrorists like ISIS to different breeds of terrorist like Donald Trump spitting words of unintelligible hatred and intolerance, remind us why we should heed Bradley’s message and do all we can to change our world.

Change for the World is available now and will be featured in Charles Bradley’s upcoming album, Changes out April 1st.