Matt Okine shares painfully truthful rap about the current state of Australia

Matt Okine has taken time out during his recent Sydney show to speak some pretty spot on truths about the current state of our nation.


One half of triple J’s breakfast show Matt & Alex, Okine has reworked Kanye West’s Heard ‘Em Say, bringing light to issues like the current lockout laws plaguing areas of the country, children being locked up in camps on Nauru, the injustices of Australia Day and far more, throwing out the following lyrics:

“How they still not know that it ain’t okay to paint your face? And how we still having fights about Australia Day? Like it’s that fucking hard just to change the date, guess that’s why I gotta drink, just to get away. See, I can’t give Mabo the time. ‘Cause they say the Queen’s blood is better than mine.”

“Sit around while the lawmakers watch us. And Border Force wanting this amount of papers. The government’s just trying to make us safer, but wait, ain’t the Church full of systematic rapists? So who’s supposed to be dangerous? The ones covering up crimes or covering their faces?

He told the Huffington Post “I didn’t write it because I have any answers. I think it’s just that common frustration and that feeling of helplessness that you have when you want to do so much but there’s nothing you can do at the same time.” 

Okine recently used his award acceptance speech at the 2015 ARIA’s to make note of the lack of gender equality and support for female talent within the music industry.