Prepare yourself for Charlie Hanrahan’s auditory journey filled with style, substance, and a hint of Gen Z Absurdism

Introducing Charlie Hanrahan, the captivating newcomer hailing from Naarm, who graces us with his debut single, “I’m Good, I’m Rich.”

Don’t let his fresh-faced status fool you. Charlie has already established himself as a collaborator extraordinaire, joining forces with local talents Squid The Kid, Holly Hebe, and Ed Moon.

The demand for his artistry is palpable, as evidenced by the sold-out shows venues like Colour Club, The Retreat, and The Workers Club. With such accolades, it’s safe to say that Charlie is a rising star in the hip-hop and neo-soul scenes.

charlie hanrahan


Imagine a sophisticated blend of glass animals, afrobeat rhythms, and the entrancing vibes of Tame Impala, The Weeknd, and Anderson. Paak. Picture yourself helplessly bobbing your head to the infectious rhythm, lost in a blissful trance.

Charlie fearlessly dives into uncharted territory, unveiling his vulnerable side by stepping away from the comfort of an alias. In doing so, he teaches us the art of unapologetically embracing ourselves and our emotions.

Behind the scenes, Charlie’s magic comes to life in his home studio, free from the constraints of a glamorous major recording space. He knows precisely how to craft a sonic masterpiece with limited resources, skillfully molding raw materials into refined artistry.

When asked about the inspiration behind “I’m Good, I’m Rich” with Aus Music Scene, Charlie reveals his disdain for the stresses of life. It’s an anthem for giving the middle finger to all the unnecessary worries and simply relishing the present moment. What defines true wealth? Perhaps it lies in experiences and love, enough to satisfy the deepest desires of the soul.

As we eagerly await his forthcoming album, tantalizingly titled “Ignore Your Past, Your Future Will Flourish,” Charlie’s words echo in our minds: “I don’t give a fuck.”

This single serves as a potent reminder to embrace the carefree spirit of our youth, unburdened by the pressures of money or stability. It’s an invitation to live life on our own terms, fueled by passion and unwavering determination.

“I’m Good, I’m Rich” is a mesmerizing showcase of Charlie’s electric approach to hip-hop, fusing influences from the likes of Wizkid, Obongjyara, and Little Simz.

This track oozes with a Pharrell-inspired groove and the infectious bounce of dancehall, while entwining itself with the edgy trap percussion. The addition of swelling synths and eclectic guitar riffs adds a warm, experimental rock twist to the mix.

In a world where regrets loom in the shadows, Charlie urges us to chase our dreams fearlessly. He envisions his future self as an old gramps, reminiscing about the audacity of his younger self and urging him to seize the moment.

So why not take Charlie’s advice and immerse ourselves in his sonic tapestry, basking in the authenticity and infectious energy he effortlessly exudes? The choice is ours.


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