Sonic Chronicles: Charlie McCosh’s musical odyssey of self-discovery and transformation

Prepare to embark on a musical journey where the power of songs becomes a force that molds our very existence, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

In Charlie McCosh’s playlist, we embark on a journey where songs hold the power to shape our very essence. They weave themselves into the tapestry of our existence, becoming the anthem of our memories, the balm for our sorrows, and the catalyst for our elation.

McCosh has curated a collection of tracks that have etched themselves indelibly upon her soul, serving as a testament to the profound influence of music on our beings.

Charlie McCosh single 'Boy'

At the forefront of this playlist is McCosh’s own singleBoy,” a testament to her commanding yet vulnerable vocals. Supported by powerful production that intensifies the emotional impact, the lyrics bear an intimate touch, as though ripped straight from the pages of her own diary. It is a window into her world of romantic sorrow, inviting us to join her in this deeply personal journey.

From the tender vulnerability of Joanna Sternberg’s “I’ve Got Me” to the wistful daydream of Lorde‘s “Ribs,” each song carries the weight of personal experiences and resonates with universal emotions. They become trusted companions during heartbreak, guiding lights on the path of self-discovery, and soothing solace on our darkest days

These songs offer solace during heart-wrenching moments, inspire self-reflection and growth, and remind us of the profound power of music to shape our lives. As we immerse ourselves in each melody and lyric, we are reminded of the transformative and timeless impact that music holds within our souls.

I’ve got me – Joanna Sternberg

“I’ve got me in the morning, I’ve got me in the evening, I’ll let you be, because Ive got me”. A recent discovery for me. A song surrounding self love. It’s had that classic folky sound that uplifts me. Joanna has such a sweet voice similar to that of Adrianne Lenker whom is one of my favourites.

Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning) – Florist

This self titled album has been one of my favourites over the past year, and this song is one that I reach for a lot. Florist’s music has held my hand through my most recent recent breakup. Their beautiful synth work and warm guitars is so calming and gentle and comforting to me.

Ribs – Lorde

This song is the biggest hit of nostaligia. I listened to Pure Heroin all throughout my teenage years, when I didn’t know what romantic love was. It brings me back to car rides with my best friends. I recently went to a Lorde concert in Naarm. When she said that this Ribs is 10 years old, me and my friend I went with danced with the purest of joy. It was bliss.

Youth – Daughter

Another song that I grew up with. This is one of my most favourite songs in the whole world. This song introduced me to indie folk music and is why I make the music that I make. It was one of the first songs I learnt to play on guitar, and that sweet, sweet guitar line is something I go back to for inspiration constantly. This song grounds me on my darkest and lightest days. It is one of the most loving songs ever in my opinion. It reminds me of Joni Mitchells “Both Sides Now”, in the form and the lyrics.

Cellophane – FKA Twigs

One of my favourite break up songs. It sounds like she is crying while she sings this. It’s soheartbreaking to listen to. I love screaming this in the car.

Forever- Charli XCX

This whole album is about a break-up, and it again, held my hand through my most recent heartbreak. It was a rough one. I really empathised with this record, because it really put painted the feelings i felt and that latch I had on one person. It kind of fed some delusion for me of the denial of a breakup, thinking everything was going to be fine between us in the end. Or maybe I was just accepting that I will feel like this forever with this one person. it still remains true to some extent, but now I feel like I have moved past those feelings a lot. And now I can just listen to this song without immense pain, but with a familiarity, and enjoy it for the production and the banger that it is.

Me & My Dog – boygenius

This song gives me those butterflies. “..we got no sleep because we were kissing”. It’s like that initial love of someone new. Those giddy feelings. And then it swarms into a breakup song. The perfect outline of a relationship. “I wanna hear one song without thinking of you”.

Heavy Heaven- Pia Nesvara

Pia is my good friend from Naarm. When I first saw her perform this song, I cried. I watched back the video I took what feels like a hundred times. It’s one of my favourite songs. She is one of my favourite artists. This song is a gut-wrenching love song about loss. Her warm sweet air in her voice holds me every time. Pia has this presence about her on and off stage. A warm love. The way she connects to her audience is like no one else.

Fourth of July – Sufjan Stevans

A very sad song. Probably one of the saddest in existence. I am so in love with Sufjan’s voice and lyricism. It feels personal. Especially when he says “my firefly… dragon fly… my star in the sky”. It is such a beautiful way to describe someone you love. It makes me feel small, delicate and special. “did you, get enough love, my little dove, why do you cry?” It’s such a beautiful line, singling the listener out. It’s the feeling of loneliness, of love and of loss.

Just Like Heaven – The Cure

This song brings me back to my childhood. It makes me think of my parents dancing together and me and my sisters joining in as little ones. Such happy memories related to this. My parents have such good taste in music. Now I dance to it in my bedroom.

Don’t be scared, I love you – Bill Ryder-Jones

Such a great road trip song. Specifically at night. I love Billy Ryder-Jones’ tone and the moodiness this song brings.

Change – Big Thief

I think Adrianne Lenker is one of the best songwriters of my time. “Change, like the wind, like the water, like skin”. The lyrics in this song are so beyond comforting. The way this song holds me through any situation. It is about accepting, and knowing that things do change. I saw a post saying something along the lines of ‘rejection is a a gentle nudge towards something else’. “Would you live forever, never die while everything around passes?”. The lyrics are so true and profound.

True Love Waits – Radiohead

This is my most favourite love song of all time. “True love waits in haunted attics, and true love lives on lollipops and crisps”. It’s just so beautiful. Thom Yorke paints love as being one of the most scary and haunting feeling of all, while also being the most beautiful, innocent and lovely thing in the world. Yorke’s beautiful poetry over the haunting piano melody could sing me to sleep on any given day. This is a wedding song, this is a funeral song. This song will be with me forever.