Fisher-Price’s iconic Chatter Telephone can now make actual phone calls

While smartphone technology is constantly evolving and becoming more complicated, Fisher-Price has decided to turn back the clock.

The Chatter Telephone was first introduced in 1961, where it was aimed at toddlers aged 12-36 months. The toy has become instantly recognisable due to its bright colours and smiling face, making it a staple for children’s playtime.

So, to celebrate 60 years since its creation, Mattel saw it as fitting to announce a new, adult version of the toy – a fully functional phone.

Image: Pixar

The new Special Edition Chatter Telephone can actually be used to place or take phone calls, swapping out imagination for Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery.

It connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth, and the rotary dial can be used to place calls by dialing the person’s phone number, digit by digit.

Calls can be answered on the device by picking up the Chatter Telephone’s red handset and talking into it, or by pressing the speakerphone button on the toy. This marks the only real difference between the adult version and the children’s version. Putting the handset back into its cradle also terminates a call, an action lost in the times of smartphones. 

The toy also doubles up as a bit of a fidget toy during a call. The wheels allow it to be rolled back and forth across any flat surface desk while you’re doing anything to distract yourself from the call you’re meant to be invested in.

In terms of power, it uses rechargeable batteries, with nine hours of talk time, 72 hours of standby, and charging via microUSB port meaning it can be taken on the go and used in any setting you need.

Unfortunately, there are two downsides to it. For any Aussies hoping to get hold of one, the phone is only being sold at Best Buy in the US, with no word on whether it’ll become available for international customers.

For anyone in the US who can get a hold of one, it’s also pretty pricey compared to the original. The adult version is being sold for $60 compared to the $10 price tag of the original.

Although, when you consider the rechargeable and Bluetooth features of the phone, I think the price is pretty justifiable.