Check out a clip from the upcoming ‘Big Lebowski’ spin off, ‘Jesus Rolls’

Set to hit cinemas later this month, Jesus Rolls is the spin-off from the much loved 1998 Cohen Brothers’ film, The Big Lebowski. 

Ahead of its release, a short clip from the film has been shared online. Check it out below.

the big lebowski, jesus rolls

Check out a recently released clip from the upcoming The Big Lebowski spin-off, Jesus Rolls, due out in cinemas later this month.

The spin-off was written and directed by John Turturro who played Quintana in the original, and he will also reprise the role in the upcoming release. According to the film’s synopsis, the movie centres around Quintana, who played The Dude’s nemesis in the original.

“Hours after being released from prison for good behavior, Jesus Quintana (John Turturro) reunites with his best friend and fellow underachiever Petey (Bobby Cannavale),” the synopsis states.

In the first in a series of rapidly escalating bad decisions, they steal a vintage car parked in front of an upscale salon and hit the road for a no-holds-barred joyride — until the car’s gun-toting owner (Jon Hamm) catches up with them, wounding Petey. Fleeing the scene with fiercely free-spirited shampooist Marie (Audrey Tautou), Jesus and Petey continue their adventure in a series of stolen cars, cementing their partnership with an epic petty-crime spree and a three-way romance.” 

In the recently released clip, titled Prison Exit Scene, Jesus and Petey can be seen picking up Jack (played by actor/comedian Pete Davidson) from prison.

Check out the clip below.

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