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Searchable music: the Musiio App uses AI to tag and search audio

Singapore based music AI company Musiio has announced the Musiio App, a tagging and searching platform for music libraries.

Musiio have previously shared their technology with music libraries such as Audio Network, but the Musiio App marks the first time this technology is available to the public.Musiio App

The Musiio App uses AI to tag and search your music library so you don’t have to. It’s like Google Image Search, but for music.

The app is designed to tag, search, and curate music libraries for composers, DJs, record labels, production music libraries, and anyone looking to streamline their library.

The newly launched app uses AI to determine and tag tracks based on mood, genre, BPM, energy, emotion, the presence of vocals, and more.

The app also features audio reference search, which means you can use audio to search for similar audio. You can also upload tracks or use YouTube links as a reference.

The Musiio App has a lot of potential for a variety of musicians. Whether you’re a DJ looking for tracks that would flow in a set, or a record label searching for similar artists, the app will streamline the repetitive part of the search process.

While AI still has a long way to go when it comes to creating music, the release of the Musiio App shows how AI could be harnessed towards a more efficient and streamlined music production process. It definitely looks like it will make the tedious process of tagging and searching individual tracks a thing of the past.

Musiio is offering 25 free uploads as a trial to test their AI on your library. Each track uploaded after that costs just £0.05, with a recurring payment each month. For more information, head to Musiio.