This country song written by artificial intelligence is a lyrical masterpiece

You Can’t Take My Door isn’t the first song to be written by a computer, but as of today it’s officially my favourite. The track was written by a neural network that was forced to listen to country music hits, then performed by humans.

And golly gosh, it’s almost there. We have Botnik Studios to thank for this musical gem, even if it’s a little offbeat.

You Can't Take My Door country song written by artificial intelligence neural network

Listen to You Can’t Take My Door, a country song written by artificial intelligence. It’s not quite on the money, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You Can’t Take My Door is, first and foremost, a lyrical masterpiece. Featuring lines such as “said I wanted to be a truck”“look at yourself and a hand and a shelf”, or “won’t let my heart be my face”, the song feels like it was written by an entity which switches brains four times per sentence. Which I guess isn’t far from the truth.

Check it out for yourself below.

This isn’t the first human/robot co-write out of Botnik Studios, who crowdfunded a whole album’s worth of machine learning tracks back in late 2018. It features the incredible Bored With This Desire To Get Ripped featuring “Morrissey”, and is well worth a listen.