Check out the extraordinary winners from the GDT Nature Photographer of the Year

If you appreciate photography on any level, The German Society for Nature Photography have announced the winners for their 2020 competition.

Each photo is quite simply gob-smackingly astounding. All of the breathtaking winners show us a new way of seeing the world, one in which we rarely get to glimpse up close.

Peter Lindel’s A Hare’s Dream

Each exquisite detail in all of this year’s GDT Nature Photographer Of The Year photos allows us a closer glimpse into the world at large.

The prestigious award went to Peter Lindel’s photograph A Hare’s Dream. The photo of the rarely seen European Hare manages to capture a sense of majesty and magic that all great photographers attempt to grasp. Lindel explained that the Hare in question was “once a common inhabitant of open country all over Germany, the European Hare has become a rare sight.” Lindel continued by describing his photo as, “Dreamy, curious, careful, anxious. These are the adjectives that I find describe the expression of my hare best.”

Mohammad Murad’s Glowing Fox came in at a close second to Lindel’s Hare, yet another extraordinary photo of an animal in the headlights. Meanwhile, in other categories, Britta Strack’s The Play of Water won the Water category and Flurin Leugger’s Take Off won for Birds.

Possibly one of the eeriest and most haunting images came in the Other Animals category. Jens Cullmann’s Danger in the Mud shows a crocodile in close quarters with its beady eye peeking through the hardened mud.

Check out the complete list of these extraordinary photos here.

Britta Strack’s The Play of Water
Radomir Jakubowski’s New Life in a Dead Forest
Flurin Leugger’s Take Off
Stephan Fürnrohr’s The White Coastline
Henry Jager’s School of Mackerel
Mohammad Murad’s Glowing Fox
Axel Gomeringer’s Yukon Gold Rush
Jens Cullmann’s Danger in the Mud