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This new book showcases the best mod revival zines from the ’70s and ’80s

The past year has been busy for Acid Jazz label owner/DJ Ed Piller and designer Steve Rowland. The duo has been flat out curating and anthologising a collection of mod revival zines from 1978 to 1984.

Aptly titled Modzines, the pair’s latest release is set to be published by UK-based publishing house Omnibus Press. Out on February 7, the book showcases the zines that sprang from the mod revival subculture in Britain throughout the late ’70s.

Extraordinary Sensations by Eddie Pillar and Terry Rawlings, Essex, 1981

Omnibus Press’s latest release Modzines captures the excitement and transience of the mod revival scene that took Britain by storm in the late 1970s by way of zines.

“They’re an important social record,” Piller says of the zines. “By 1980, the mainstream media was virtually ignoring the enormous mod revival, apart from to disparage it.”

Fanzines existed to “inform mods about culture, fashion and music”. Their creation was aided by the rise of photocopiers, and inspired by Paul Weller and the Jam, as well as other bands such as the Chords and Purple Hearts.”

“They provided a launchpad for many successful musicians, publishers, authors and journalists. But with the arrival of the internet, the fanzine lost its primary function, so we have seen a gradual decline.”

Check out some of the zine designs below:

The Cafe Society, Issue 1, Liverpool, 1983


In the Crowd. A long-running fanzine edited by Derek ‘Delboy’ Shepherd from Guernsey, who managed to create 30 issues in seven years.


48 Thrills, edited by Adrian Thrills, Essex, 1976


Maximum Speed by Goffa Gladding, Olive Peams and Eim Gault, London, 1979.


Extraordinary Sensations by Eddie Pillar and Terry Rawlings, Essex, 1981-82


Beyond All Limits, Sheffield, 1985


Direction Reaction Creation, edited by Jon Obadiah and created in 1979


Roadrunner, edited by Steve Whiffen in Kent, 1980-1981


Roadrunner, edited by Steve Whiffen in Kent, 1980-1981


The Hipster by Andy Clarke, Coventry 1985-86


The Catch!, edited by Chris Hunt, Ely, Cambridgeshire, 1985


Modzines: Fanzine Culture from the Mod Revival by Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland is out on 7 February (Omnibus Press, £16.99) 

Via The Guardian.


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