Check out this insane Christmas light show in honour of Keith Flint

You never knew you needed this. We didn’t know we needed it. Yet here we are. Someone has set their Christmas lights to a mix of Prodigy classics in honour of Keith Flint.

We feel for the neighbours in this situation, however, the light show is an incredibly impressive display of ingenuity and talent.

Keith Flint

A light show involving 3000 light bulbs set to a mix of Prodigy classics has appeared in Essex as a tribute to founding member, Keith Flint.

Following Keith Flint’s untimely death in March this year, a man who goes by the name of Rik Burt (yes really) put together the display in The Prodigy’s hometown of Essex. Burt explained, “I’m into my metal mainly, but The Prodigy bridged the divide between the genres really well. I saw them live but it was very surreal when we heard Keith was gone.”

The light show itself utilises over 3000 light bulbs, and covers such classics as Firestarter, Out Of Space, Invaders Must Die, Breathe, Warriors Dance and many more. The Omen section of the light show took a whooping 30 hours to program and coordinate. Some people have more time on their hands than others.

Luckily the entire street is getting around the light show, using it as a means to raise money for a number of charities. The money made this year is all going towards the Farleigh Hospice in Essex. To donate and find out more, click here.

Check out the raving video below: