Edible art? Chemical X used more than 250,000 pingas for his pill-inspired art exhibition

Chemical X is the artist behind the careful placement of 250,000 ecstasy tablets that make up a string of pill-inspired works of art. His latest masterpiece, The Spirit Of Ecstasy, features a whopping 7000 pingas.

Image Credit: Evening Standard

While Chemical X has failed to admit who the model in The Spirit of Ecstasy piece is, it’s fair to say the lion tattoo on her index finger and bacon tattoo on her foot are pretty clear indicators it’s Cara Delevigne.

The British artist famous for creating the Ministry of Sound logo, whose actual identity remains unknown, collaborated with artist Shoony to create a hypnotising, circular shape concentrated around a hyperrealistic silicone and fibreglass model.

Delevigne is a known fan and collector of Chemical X’s artwork, so it makes sense she was a muse for his latest piece, suspended in mesmerising ripples of ecstasy. With Chemical X’s other pieces featuring intricate mandala-like designs with each pill reportedly costing $185.71 each, The Spirit Of Ecstasy  values at around $1.3 million.

15 never-before-seen exhibits were showcased at his #CX300 show over the weekend, with Chemical X only allowing a select group of people to attend the event. Check out the party pill masterpieces below.

‘The Spirit Of Ecstasy’ 2017 #chemicalx #cx300

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‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ 2017 #chemicalx #cx300

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‘Rush’ 2017 #chemicalx #cx300

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‘There’s No Such Thing As Society’ 2017 #chemicalx #cx300

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