Childish Gambino finally releases his new album, '3.15.20'

Childish Gambino finally releases his new album, ‘3.15.20’

After multiple delays, a premature posting to his website on March 15th, and an ominous countdown, we have finally been gifted with a brand new Childish Gambino album.

Four years after the release of his last album, Awaken, My Love!, Gambino’s newest album is a collection of summery contemplations on love and faithfulness.

Donald Glover aka. Childish Gambino

Following multiple delays, a live stream and a quick removal, we can finally bask in the light glow of hope that is Childish Gambino’s new album.

The album’s first full song, Algorhythm, blasts in with a dark hazy vocal line that slowly allows for an uplifting and sun-drenched chorus to shine through. The rest of the record proceeds to set into a light wave of gorgeous production and classically Gambino-esq melodies.

The album, titled 3.15.20 (the date it was originally uploaded to Gambino’s website), features the likes of Ariana Grande and 21 Savage. Most of the songs titles are designated by a timestamp of where they sit on the albums run-length.

Continuing in this sparse fashion, the album’s artwork is just as blank. Featuring a completely text free off-white colouring, the artwork seems reminiscent of the Beatles self-titled album (The White Album). The one track version of the album does have “Donald Glover Presents” faintly imprinted at the top of the album.

It is interesting to note that the album appears under Glover’s moniker Childish Gambino rather than his own name.  This follows his previous statements that he would never release music under anything other than his own name again.

Now is a time to really sit back and listen to an album as deeply as one can. Thank goodness Gambino dropped a perfect album to see the light on the other side of the tunnel.