Donald Glover sneakily drops new album, promptly deletes it

Donald Glover sneakily drops new album, promptly deletes it

Last night, a website called DonaldGloverPresents began streaming a brand new Childish Gambino/Glover album. Then suddenly this morning, it was taken down.

Donald Glover’s manager, Fam Rothstein, posted the link to Twitter before it was promptly removed and his account deleted.

In the first snippets of new music since his 2019 single This Is America, Donald Glover sounds relaxed and at peace in the sunshine.

The album seemed to include Gambino’s 2018 single Feels Like Summer along with tracks that featured the likes of SZA, Ariana Grande and 21 Savage. The new project’s mood felt far more summery in comparison to his 2016 funk odyssey, Awaken, My Love! Navigating themes of love and faith in people, the new uplifting tone feels refreshing in a somewhat grim global climate.

Glover had previously stated he would retire his Childish Gambino moniker following his 2017 Governor’s Ball performance. After becoming the first artist to win the Grammy for Record and Song of the Year for a rap song (for the incredible This Is America), Glover seemed steadfast in his position. “I stand by that. I’m making another project right now. I like endings. I think they are important to progress,” he explained in an interview following the award ceremony.

Even though he may not have released much music in the interim, it hasn’t stopped Glover from being one of the busiest Renaissance men working in the industry. From winning Emmys and Golden Globes for his TV show Atlanta, through to performing in the newest Lion King remake and helping to run Andrew Yang’s Presidential Campaign, the man simply doesn’t stop working.

Keep your eyes open in hope of the album dropping in full soon. But before it does come out, check out some small clips people managed to grab during the stream.