Chris Gorsuch captures the powerful infinity of love on his latest single

On his latest single, Chris Gorsuch captures the infinities of love within powerful melodies and a chorus that will melt your heart.

Chris Gorsuch has unleashed a ballad for the romantics that could bring anyone to tears.

At its core, Pick You Up reflects the sheer, unbridled passion of being in love, of loving someone so much that you would walk with them through the dark, with no judgements or reservations.

Chris Gorush

It’s a song that professes undying love and loyalty within ferocious beats and a sonic sensitivity that parallels music’s greats. Gorsuch’s music video elevates this emotionally-driven track even more, bringing a rawness and authenticity that makes his lyrics cut even deeper.

“When you fall, I’ll pick you up again,” he sings. The artist has armoured Pick You Up with an incredible ability to contort from a delicate reflection into an acidic rock ballad in the blink of an eye, reflecting the sheer passion that his lyrics unfurl.


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“Chris’ upcoming album, ‘The Final Song’, was recorded at EOL Studios, with talented Producer Mike Trubetskov,” the artist’s bio reads. “The album contains a list of powerful songs ranging from slow acoustic ballads through to heavier and more aggressive tracks. Chris hopes that through the accompaniment of the sincere lyrics and passionate vocal delivery, that he will be able to create an emotional bond with his audience and maybe even help those battling with their own demons.”

If you do anything today, do yourself a favour and dive into this heartwarming new release from sonic magician Chris Gorsuch below: