Step behind the filter in Christian Hull’s debut novel, ‘Leave Me Alone’

You might be surprised to hear that Christian Hull – a comedian with millions of fans around the world, is an introvert. Peek behind the fame curtain for the first time in his debut book, Leave Me Alone.

Christian Hull is a face anyone on TikTok would likely know, whether you’ve seen him blind-predicting paint mixtures or admitting to shitting his pants at Bunnings. His hilarious attitude, utter honesty (often to his own embarrassment), and a surprisingly introverted personal life are all on display in Hull’s new novel, Leave Me Alone. 

Out now through Allen & UnwinLeave Me Alone is stacked end-to-end with frighteningly hilarious anecdotes, snippets of self-reflection such as “My phone data plan is huge because… porn”, and insights into Hull’s ascent to the top rungs of contemporary social media and comedy.

Photo: Christian Hull via Facebook

Now 34, Hull has had a whirlwind of a life since embarking down his road as a professional comedian and content creator. His book tells this tale from start to present, inclusive of probably a few too many details – Hull has never been shy about his prolific experiences with Grindr since he lost his virginity “at age 23”.

But that’s part of the charm. Behind the no-filtered social media star (Hull himself or his wigged-up persona, Trish) is a person who treats his alone time with reverence, and Leave Me Alone is where he lifts the door on this final, unseen part of his lifestyle.

In doing so, Hull examines his creative process like never before, pasting his proclivity for trending content on a backdrop of the family and friends who made him who he is. For an insight into the lifestyle of a true contemporary social media star, Leave Me Alone is as transparent as it gets.

And yes, there’s a segment of the novel titled The Sealed Section if you just want to read the raunchy stuff. You’ll get a whole 47 pages of the good word, plus a QR code that’ll take you to some pictures that weren’t allowed in the novel.


Leave Me Alone is out now via Allen & Unwin. Find out more and read a free preview of the first chapter here.