Christos hits us with nostalgia with his new single 'Still A Kid'

Christos explores bittersweet nostalgia with his new single ‘Still A Kid’

Christos transports us back to our childhoods with his latest single Still A Kid, a track that exudes early 2000’s pop nostalgia.

Hailing from Brisbane, singer-songwriter and rising talent Christos has been busy carving out his very own niche in the music scene, pushing boundaries with his sound and incorporating various elements from different genres to create a well-rounded and dynamic style.

Being exposed to music at a young age fuelled his passion, creativity, and drive to be the next big artist to break through. With every new release, he has managed to completely engulf listeners in the world he has created, with his no-bullshit approach and authentic songwriting style.

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Christos’ newest addition to his discography is his latest single Still A Kid, a track that has hints of early 2000’s nostalgia and follows the stages of growing up, such as your first love, high school, and first heartbreak; and how all of these experience shape us as adults. All of these life events in our adolescent years are ones that we will never forget, or get to experience again, and it’s this theme of longing for the simple days of childhood that permeates the addictive track.

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Christos opened up about the track, stating: “The early stages of life prove to be so important. So many crucial things happen when you’re a kid and these experiences really shape your future self”. He continues on by saying “I feel like there’s so many things I would go back and relive as a kid. It’d be the good things I would love to experience for the first time again. As for the bad, I’d be more the wiser and ready to take it on and try and change the outcome”.

Still A Kid starts off will a delicious and bright melodic plucking of guitar strings, and a thrumming bass line that immediately creates feelings of nostalgia. Christos’ velvety vocals capture your attention right from the start, with infectious melodies and lyrics that hit you right in the chest. The track is accompanied by an equally great music video, shot entirely on an iPhone, which you can view below.

You can now stream Still A Kid now here.