‘Cities: Skylines’ kicks off 15 days of free games on the Epic Games Store

With a week to go until Christmas, the Epic Games Store is hosting its holiday event with 15 days of free games, beginning with Cities: Skylines.

The Epic Games Store usually releases a game for free on a weekly basis, but since Christmas is the season of giving, this offer now has become daily. The deal will go over 15 days, meaning that you can snap up 15 free games if you check in regularly.

The promotion begins with Cities: Skylines, the city-building sim for the modern generation. Though five years old already, the game offers a lot of replayability to craft the city of your dreams (or nightmares).

Cities Skylines
Image: Colossal Order

With 2013’s SimCity being a critical bust, Cities: Skylines filled the power vacuum to become the premier title within the city-building genre. The game also has a strong modding scene to fix any issues that you have with the base experience.

The city builder has multiple in-depth systems that allow you to run your city better than a Gladys Berejiklian or a Dan Andrews, including a robust transportation planning program that allows you to build effective public transport to minimise traffic.

To further bolster the base game, various expansions are available, adding options for environmental sustainability, enhanced weather, and increased transportation options.

Like last year, ‘purchasing’ a free game will get you a $10 voucher to use on whatever you want in the Epic Games Store. Besides the 15 days of free games, a Holiday Sale is also occurring with some good deals available.

The Division 2 is 70% off, Rainbow Six Siege is 60% off, and For Honor is at 75% off. There is also Grand Theft Auto V and Death Stranding both at 50% off.

Cities: Skylines will be available for one day only, with the offer ending at 3am AEDT Saturday 19 December, so grab it will you can. With the game usually costing $44.99, a 100% discount is something to definitely consider.

Check here to get your free copy of Cities: Skylines.