The ‘Persona 5 Royal’ soundtrack is dropping on vinyl for your Japanese jazz needs

The Persona 5 Royal soundtrack will be released on vinyl and is available for pre-order, alongside a repressing of the Persona 5 record.

One of the most praised parts about Persona 5 and its enhanced Royal version is its soundtrack, consisting of original jazz tracks looking to match the anime aesthetic of the game. Of course, such a score has to be on vinyl.

Los Angeles-based creative company iam8bit will be re-releasing the Persona 5 vinyl soundtrack as well as pressing the Royal record for the first time. The former will have a standard “Essential Edition” with a tracklist curated by Atlus spread over four LPs. Royal will consist of 25 tracks spread over three LPs.

Persona 5 Royal

The Essential Edition will cost US$100 and Royal at US$75. For now, the records are still being produced, with only pre-ordering being available. If you pre-order the Royal soundtrack before 11:59 PT on December 31st, you will receive a free Hymn of the Soul 7-inch that will play the Velvet Room theme.

Both sets will ship in Q2 2021, making for a late Christmas gift or even late Easter. Back in 2017, a limited 1,000-print run of a 6xLP Deluxe Edition was made, consisting of the game’s entire soundtrack. Unfortunately, that will not be available this time.

The Persona 5 soundtrack recently received a resurgence of attention following Japanese soul singer Lyn Inaizumi performing Last Surprise, the game’s battle theme, at The Game Awards 2020. Various tracks on the game’s soundtrack, particularly Last Surprise, have been popular meme fodder fuelling shitposting from all angles.

Persona 5 will return to mainstream attention in 2021 with the Western release of Persona 5: Strikers, a hack-and-slash/Dynasty Warriors sequel to the main RPG game.

Besides Persona 5, iam8bit will also be repressing the soundtracks for Shadow of the ColossusJourneyJohto Legends, Rocket League, and Cuphead. Get in quick because Shadow of the Colossus and Cuphead have already sold out.

Check here for all the iam8bit vinyls.