A complete guide to Tower of Fantasy pre-launch times

Tower of Fantasy is set to launch globally on August 10th. Here is all the info you need on the pre-launch, and when you can play.

We can hear the alarm bells sounding off from here. I’m sure you are keen to start exploring the distant planet of Aida as soon as possible, so let’s get started. First things first, if you want to play Tower of Fantasy when it launches, you will have to preload Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android or iOS devices. 

PC users, note that preload is only available through the standalone Windows client. Preload starts on the 9th of August 2022 for mobile devices. Once you have preloaded the game, all you need to do is wait for Tower of Fantasy’s official global launch time. For preloading, check the official website

Tower of Fantasy launch times
Credit: Games Radar

Global Launch Times

  • US East – 03:00 (ET) on 11th August.
  • US West – 00:00 (PT) on 11th August.
  • UK – 08:00 (BST) on 11th August.
  • Europe – 09:00 (CEST) on 11th August.
  • Australia – 17:00 (AET) on 11th August.

This is for the Tower of Fantasy mobile versions, both Android and iOS. Steam and Epic Games Store will be launched later than other platforms. So you will need to stay tuned.

For Mobile, head to iOS download here, and Android download here

Once you download and install the preload version of the game, you can go ahead and build your custom character using the avatar tools. Start with the game’s tutorial with the default character, by saving and then loading a custom preset, you can go ahead and swap to your own custom-built avatar. 

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of pre-registration giveaways to mark the launch. As long as you log in and create an account before February 6 of 2023, you can unlock the game rewards, by clearing the ‘Ecological Station Intruders’ story mission, and claim cosmetics, currency, and black and gold nuclei. 

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