Clare Hennessy marries song and story on her striking new EP April

Playwright turned songwriter, Clare Hennessy brings an enthralling theatricality to her debut EP April.

At the centre of Hennessy’s artistic ideals sits a marriage between song and storytelling, two lifebloods from which she lets her most vulnerable, honest and empowering moments flow.

clare hennessy

Clare Hennessy’s debut EP April is rich with a storyteller’s touch, one from which her listeners must seek out their own chronicle.

Musically, April calls in favours from many sources, be it country, folk, blues or rock. Hennessy’s ruminations on life and love ring with the melancholy of blues, yet light touches of electric guitar or worldly strings transform the EP into something quite refreshing.

It all ties together with a bittersweet sense of foreboding, heard most plainly in title track April. Hennessy’s EP certainly feels like it precludes something – though as to what that is, I’m guessing every listener will feel something different.

While the EP obviously comes from a deeply personal place, Hennessy has remained quite tight-lipped about April‘s deeper subject matter. Much like a playwright reading the faces of her audience on opening night, there’s the assumption that she takes pleasure in witnessing the effect of her art upon others. For this reason, I’d wager we’ll never know the full story.

Until then, all we can do is listen and guess.


April is out now.