Clive Palmer looks likely to win WA border debate, ScoMo warns

There has recently been much debate among Australian citizens and politicians regarding Western Australia and the state’s strict border closure rules. State Premier Mark McGowan stands by the strict border laws, especially with Victoria’s recent devastating rise in Covid-19 cases. However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns that politician Clive Palmer may win the legal fight against the premier, potentially easing the laws on WA’s border closure.

Question is, why does Clive Palmer want in so bad?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns that Western Australia’s strict border closure laws may be at risk due to opposition from Clive Palmer.

A Federal Court hearing will be held regarding Palmer’s conflict with WA’s border closure laws this week. Scott Morrison warns that Mark McGowan’s “all-or-nothing approach” will “highly likely” be in breach of the constitution. A further High Court hearing will be held later this year.

The Commonwealth has since agreed with Clive Palmer’s argument regarding the strict border closures, and Scott Morrison has effectively strained his relationship with Premier Mark McGowan by taking their side.

As reported by the ABC, the PM described: “I do fear an all-or-nothing approach on the case is not the best way forward because I think the constitutional position is fairly clear.”

“My concern is that it is highly likely that the constitutional position that is being reviewed in this case will not fall in the Western Australian Government’s favour.”

Christian Porter, Federal Attorney-General claims that the Commonwealth is not “siding” with Palmer.

He told 6PR radio, “This is not about any great love or any great dislike for Clive Palmer,” 

“The problem with the border closure, is it’s a complete all-or-nothing approach. If you maintain an all-or-nothing approach, then you run a very high risk that you will have the High Court determine against you in the long run, which might be October or whenever.”