Madonna’s Instagram flagged for posting misleading COVID-19 information

Superstar Madonna recently shared a post on Instagram regarding a supposed COVID-19 treatment to her 15 million followers. The post was promptly deleted by Instagram for spreading false information.

Madonna told her followers that a cure for COVID-19 has been “found and proven” and has been available for months: “They would rather let fear control the people and let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”


Madonna recently came under fire for a controversial Instagram post regarding an alleged coronavirus vaccine. Instagram has since deleted it.

The post was a video featuring primary care physician, Dr Stella Immanuel, who declares that she has treated a large number of COVID-19 patients with the drug, hydroxychloroquine. The drug has since been proven ineffective and even dangerous for some.

Before removing the video, Instagram blurred the post and changed the caption to “False information”. The post has now been deleted.

Raki Wane, an Instagram representative, described: “People who reacted to, commented on, or shared this video, will see messages directing them to authoritative information about the virus.” 

Various celebrities have shared or commented on the questionable post. Donald J. Trump also tweeted the video and was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours because of the misinformation misconduct.

Annie Lennox also commented on the post, calling Madonna out on her “madness”: “This is utter madness!!! I can’t believe that you are endorsing this dangerous quackery. Hopefully your site has been hacked and you’re just about to explain it.”