Introducing Cloud Castle Lake

Cloud Castle Lake sounds like a dreamy painting, somewhere magical or possibly, a place to purchase some quality furniture. They are not to be confused with Crystal Castles, but share the same experimental and esoteric appeal. Either way, if you’re like me you’ve been slightly misled by the nostalgic name, a regular occurrence if you’re interested in alternative music.

The band is from Ranelagh, a destination which Google tells me has loads of pretty lakes and whimsical old buildings. They focus on building tension, drawing narrow alley ways of shifting synth and shaping every track with a gradual crescendo effect.

Cloud Castle Lake

Cloud Castle Lake is not studio Ghibli’s latest effort by Hayao Miyazaki. Read on.

Their music unfolds slowly, softly building and rising, until it declines into emptiness, a constant wavelength and balance of the empty and the intense. Strong drum beats and liquid guitar riffs float over gritty falsecetto melodies creating an atmospheric and futuristic sound. Rather industrial, a handful of their songs include similar thoughts and themes of bands such as Black Sabbath, emphasizing a mechanical feel.

Think Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine and Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, which share the same distant aura of sweat and iron. Yet, in the same breath Cloud Castle Lake are sensitive and slightly eerie, the kind of band leaving a slight shiver down your spine.

Cloud Castle Lake is launching their debut EP, Dandelion in September. Tickets are available to experience their music (and for an awesome excuse to go and visit the beautiful green fields of Ireland). The band is urging us, “book tickets for yourself, your friends, your families and strangers” and is hoping for a full room to share their passions with. Remember I said Cloud Castle Lake – not Crystal Castles. Sorry for leaving you all with my messy midnight confusions!


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