Lontalius – Plastic House

Lontalius, AKA Eddie Johnston, formerly putting out music under the name Shipwreck, is an incredibly talented 17-year-old musician from Wellington, New Zealand. Age shouldn’t matter and is constantly referenced within write-ups of his songwriting, but he really is one of those annoying individuals who makes you feel bad for wasting days hungover in bed and watching too much shit TV.


Wunderkind Lontalius is not only putting his remix spin on pop songs, but is creating his own dreamy, lo fi, RnB.

Lontalius is a melodic force of vocal layers that are so relaxed that they’re slurred, heavy on the reverb, over loops produced on his Casio or guitar – kind of like a male Imogen Heap but sexier*. He’s producing what I can only describe as lo-fi RnB, the kind that you’re not ashamed to be listening to.

It’s dreamy yet precise nature is hypnotic in its ability to relax and entice you simultaneously. Tracks like Plastic House would act as the perfect soundtrack to a massive time-lapse sequence in a film; the clip for it is beautiful and shot by one of his friends, Linnea Nugent.

As if his own musical creations weren’t enough, Lontalius has been releasing full digital albums of covers of recent RnB tracks – from Beyonce to Drake. Is it bad that once I discovered these covers, my plays of the originals have been at a stand still? There is something so satisfying about these sensual, stripped back gangster tracks referencing numerous ‘bitches’ and ‘shorties’ being sung in a bedroom by such a humble Wellingtonian teen.

“I try to make honest covers of the music I love. I don’t censor any lyrics because I don’t think that would be an honest cover. I’m real sorry if it causes offense to anyone.”Lontalius

You can also find him working on his other project, Race Banyon, which we checked out back in February.

Like his name Lontalius, a type of butterfly, generated from a random Wikipedia article search – Eddie’s aura and online presence are equally as endearing. We are so excited to see what this versatile, gifted guy is going to put out next.

*Readers reserve the right to still find IH sexier than this kid.


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