Cody Jon and Sirup team up in ‘2MANYTIMES,’ blending R&B vibes with Y2K hooks for feels

As Cody Jon gears up for his moment in the spotlight in Japan, ‘2MANYTIMES’ provides a glimpse into his musical evolution

In the lead-up to his debut headline show in Japan on December 6, Cody Jon has unveiled a compelling collaboration titled ‘2MANYTIMES,’ featuring the rising Japanese singer-songwriter Sirup.

The track, produced by Taka Perry, brings together Sirup’s classic R&B style and Cody’s Y2K-inspired mood, creating a tune that pulls you in with its nostalgic and hooky as hell charm.

Staying true to Cody’s knack for catchy tunes and sincere storytelling, ‘2MANYTIMES’ explores the theme of escapism, expressing the desire to break free from the constraints that hold one back.

The lyrics touch on the frustration of feeling stuck in a never-ending loop amidst a rapidly changing world. The track serves as a lyrical reminder to focus on the present, look inward, and keep one’s head up despite the challenges—a sentiment captured in the phrase, “focus on the hopeless, you won’t see tomorrow.”

Cody shares “When Sirup reached out and told me he wanted to make a song with me I was so excited! After listening to Sirup’s music, I knew we needed to make something together, I just didn’t know how we could do it with me being in Australia and Sirup in Japan. I told my friend/producer Taka Perry about it and he just happened to be going to Japan next week! I linked Sirup and Taka up and they started making 2MANYTIMES. Taka came back to Sydney and I wrote and recorded my verse and added a bridge. Taka went back to Japan and finished the track off with Sirup. It all happened very quickly. Taka speaks Japanese and was able to translate the lyrics for me and help me write my verse. Taka also helped me learn the chorus which allowed me to sing the chorus in Japanese alongside Sirup.”

As Cody Jon gears up for his moment in the spotlight in Japan, ‘2MANYTIMES’ provides a glimpse into his musical evolution, offering a more subdued yet emotionally resonant experience.

It’s not just a collaboration; it’s a musical reflection on the shared struggles of navigating life’s uncertainties.

In ‘2MANYTIMES,’ Cody and Sirup create a sonic space where listeners can find solace and connection in the midst of the chaos.