Collingwood players pen open letter apologising for culture of racism

The release of the Do Better report has forced Collingwood to reckon with its history. Now, players have signed an open letter, apologising for systemic racism.

In the wake of the public release of the club’s Do Better report, 150 Collingwood AFL and netball players have signed an open letter, apologising for the culture of racism that has permeated the organisation.

Through our silence we feel responsible for these injustices.” Reads the letter. And further, “We will confront the history of our club in order to learn, heal and determine how best to walk forward together.

Eddie McGuire

Collingwood is one of the most successful sporting organisations in the country. Its president, Eddie McGuire, a household name.

In the press conference announcing the release of the Do Better report, a flustered McGuire looked anything but comfortable. He came under fire in the aftermath of the announcement and has since apologised for saying that the release marked “a proud day” for the club.

Of course, leadership is essential in the creation of an organisation’s culture, but it’s within the team environment itself that the toxic culture of racism was fomented — the culture which so heavily impacted the career of Héretier Lamumba, whose speaking up was the catalyst for the Do Better report.

Read the open letter below.