Voice For Change: new music doco examines racism in Australia

Voice For Change: new music documentary to examine the impact of racism in Australia

It’s no secret that racism is still alive and kicking in Australia. Voice for Change is part of an awesome initiative to gain greater insight into how it affects today’s youth.

The local documentary series developed by Mushroom Music Group stars numerous Aussie artists including Remi, Ecca Vandal and Ngaiire discussing their personal experiences of racism, disenfranchisement and marginalisation and how they overcame them.

voice for change documentary

As a part of Cultural Diversity Week, Melbourne’s Immigration Museum will feature documentary series Voice for Change – sharing the struggles faced by young Aussies from diverse backgrounds in the music industry.

The ten episodes will be played on loop at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum during Cultural Diversity Week, and aims to leave viewers with a better understanding of the experiences and challenges faced by the multicultural members of our community and inspire a positive change.

Museum General Manager, Rohini Kappadath, shared:

“Voice For Change is a series that talks about issues affecting young people from diverse backgrounds in an upfront, yet constructive way.”

The full series isn’t available yet, but you can check out the trailer below. For more details, head to the Voice for Change website.