Confidence Man share a playlist of tunes to make you feel like a ‘First Class Bitch’

As you get ready for the weekend, throw on Confidence Man’s new playlist filled with anthems to make you feel like a First Class Bitch.

If you need a boost of confidence going into the weekend, put on your hottest pantsuit, charge your glass of champagne, and throw on Confidence Man‘s new playlist, inspired by their latest single First Class Bitch.

Released last Friday, First Class Bitch is that hit of shameless self-confidence that we all need to end the week. A song to soundtrack splurging on that expensive cocktail, ghosting your latest trash Hinge match, and living your best life. An anthem for self-love and a little bit of arrogance in the face of the soul-sucking year we’ve had.

confidence man

In celebration, Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, aka Confidence Man have curated 3 hours of pulsating dance tracks, radiating heavy First Class Bitch energy. Each track feels pulled straight from the group’s world of ’90s dance beats and self-love. It’s “Wild. Dirty. Delicious.”

Check out the playlist below, but be warned, once you press play there’s no coming back from being a certified First Class Bitch.