Naughty or nice? Cotton On has divided the masses with secret sex toy sales

The popular clothing chain, Cotton On has started a debate around the appropriateness of sex toy sales via their online store.

However, not everyone is on board with the clothing brand taking on the new line of retail.

Although the products have technically been right under our noses since the start of 2021, a recent social media post has alerted the masses to dare we say it…sex toys.

Cotton On Sex toys

The shopping world has since been divided into what is (most likely) progressive millennials embracing the act of self-fulfilment and concerned Karen’s.

“Really does Cotton On need to sell these. My 14-year-old shops from you online, maybe not any more after seeing these,” one mother wrote as reported by the Daily Mail.

This sort of feedback threatens the brand’s integrity, as a large portion of its customers are young females.

“A shop that sells kids clothes shouldn’t sell this stuff,” another reviewer said.


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On the other side of the fence are the group of people that are impressed with the brand’s forward-thinking. The people that think that awkward grade 9 sex-ed class is just not hitting the G spot like it used to.

“This is an awesome step towards destigmatising what is actually completely normal. Bravo cotton on. Love to see it!”, one woman said.

“I don’t see the problem with it, condoms are sold next to pregnancy tests at Woolworths, and they also sell kids clothes,” commented another.

If having access to the sale of sex toys needs to be banned, while we are at it let’s take away all teen’s iPhones, Netflix accounts, social media and internet access.

Cotton on has responded to the climactic debate, confirming the toys are only sold via a hidden website section.

To access the section shoppers must sign in, confirming they are 18+.

As another layer of protection, a pop-up box will ask viewers if they are comfortable viewing “sex related products and sexual wellness information”.

If the Karens had their way it would be quickly followed by a disapproving image of your grandma with a redirect link to private sales of lock and key chastity belts…not quite as satisfying, but nonetheless effective.

A brand spokesperson has acknowledged that not everyone would be interested in the new line of products.

“Since launching this category earlier this year, our emails to customers have been carefully segmented and distributed to people 18 and over,” the representative said.

“Further to this, our Self Love products are built into a hidden experience on the website, so customers must choose to opt in to this part of our online store.”