Crashing and Burning with Philadelphia Grand Jury

After Philadelphia Grand Jury temporarily broke up when members Bad Genuis and Berkfinger experienced a bit of conflict, it’s happy days again, and the band is back with their first album in six years.


The new album, Summer of Doom is their first record release since their debut in 2009. Most of the material on Summer of Doom was written and recorded with Tim Whitten in Berlin, and today, they have shared the album’s first single Crashing and Burning Pt. II. The single was originally written just before they broke up and were about to release their second album, which never happened. The band wrote on their Soundcloud “It’s the only song we kept from the original abandoned second album sessions and was written with hero drummer Calvin Welch in a dingy studio space in South London. We then re-recorded it in Berlin (at Berkfinger’s “Golden Retriever Studios”), jazzed it up a little, fixed the lyrics and it ended up being pretty banging”.

Crashing and Burning Pt. II will be released on October 2.