Crazy Tube Circuits unveils the Constellation Fuzz and Memphis Vibrato

Crazy Tube Circuits’ new all-analog pedal duo is based on electric guitar essentials: classic fuzz and Magnatone-inspired vibrato.

Ask any electric guitar player and they’ll tell you that some must-have sounds on the pedalboard are fuzz and vibrato.

They’re staples of the pedalboard for a reason — adding the textures and colours that make a guitar sing and scream. Greek pedal manufacturers, Crazy Tube Circuits, have put their own spin on these essentials.

CTC - constellation fuzz

The stars have aligned for the creation of the Constellation — CV7003, an all-analog, hand-built fuzz pedal that recreates the sonic qualities of 5 iconic fuzz circuits. There’s even an additional original tone that they hope to be a “future classic combination”.  

Crazy Tube Circuits have gone back to where it all began, with the key to the Constellation being the carefully hand-selected NOS germanium CV7003 transistors. These were originally made in the UK by Texas Instruments way back in 1968 — an important year for the development of the fuzz sound.

You’ll need to get in quick with this one as the Constellation is limited to 200 units worldwide.

Crazy Tube Circuits has also unveiled the Memphis, a pitch-shifting vibrato that bases its shimmering tones on the legendary Magnatone amps from ’70s California. The Memphis has been designed as the “small brother” of CTC’s Killer V pedal. With the Memphis, you get a simple, true pitch shifting amp-like vibrato pedal, without the drive section.

Featuring analog LFO and “true-to-the-original-amp 2-stage pitch shifting circuit”, the Memphis offers a lot of headroom and improved dynamic response. The built-in preamp delivers a clean boost that harkens back to the sweet, ethereal tones of the late ’50s and early ’60s electric guitar-driven music.

Watch the demos below and read the complete specs at Crazy Tube Circuits’ website.