PREMIERE: MYTHS bring a fresh vision to psych-pop on their new single

On their new single, MYTHS wind back the clock and crank up the amps.

Over the years, Perth has become a breeding ground for some of Australia’s best psych-pop artists; Tame Impala, Pond, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, to name a few. However, localised scenes can often find themselves grappling with oversaturation and repetition. Enter MYTHS, the five-piece bringing a breath of fresh air to the West Coast.

Armed with a ’70s soul and a new-age vision, the psych-pop project are constructing soundscapes that cut through the noise by going back in time. In fact, this is the essence of their latest release. When You Go Where You Go When You Die is a shimmering new single that explodes in vintage synths and prismatic colours.


At its core, MYTHS’ latest single is psych-pop brilliance that swirls and contorts into a living, breathing kaleidoscope of colours. Driven by lead singer Jamie Turner’s lightly reverb-washed vocals, walls of synth, and a velvety bassline, When You Go Where You Go When You Die is a masterpiece of genre and songwriting, more generally.

Trippy, vintage footage of their music video adds a mythic quality to the soundscape that the band have created, perfectly complementing the cascading, cashmere tones of the song. The track slowly builds itself towards a sultry sax solo that blooms and flourishes among gardens of synth.


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“When You Go Where You Go When You Die is the latest offering from Australian psychedelic pop band Myths. The songs comes as the first single from their upcoming second LP The Art of Pretending – a project over two years in the making, and due for release in 2021,” the band’s bio reads.

Do yourselves a favour and trip out to this incredible release below: