Cronulla riot for all the right reasons! 7 bands you just have to soak in at Sounds of the Suburbs

For a good dose of suburban shenanigans and scuzzy tunes galore, make sure you head on down to Cronulla’s boutique festival Sounds of the Suburbs comin at ya next month. With 22 killer indie bands, three stages and one laneway wedged between an art gallery and a Mexican restaurant, this is one shindig you’d be crazy to miss. Along with local legends Holy Holy and some American champs taking the stage on September 27, here are a few more local bands we reckon you need to check out.

Sounds of the Suburbs Ruminators

The Nulla’s favourite boutique festival Sounds of the Suburbs is back. There are so many great artists on the bill, but here are 7 that deserve your time.

The Pinheads

Wollongong psych rock ‘n rollers The Pinheads are a bloody noisy bunch best enjoyed live. With their debut EP I Wanna Be A Girl dropping next month, it’s bound to be a fuzz-fest of epic proportions if their first two rollicking singles are anything to go by. Known for putting on one hell of a show that’ll blow your ears off, these dudes have to be one of the most badass bands kicking around the east coast and should be top o’ your list when you rock up to Wilbar Lane.


Byron Bay’s scrappy punk trio, Skegss are the talk of the town at the moment. Recently signing to best mates the Dune Rats’ dirty new label and playing the main stage at Splendour, the scuzzy lads are almost ready to drop their debut EP 50 Push Ups For A Dollar, and we are all excited. Bound to be a shitload of fuzzy unruly punk like their first single Fun, you can expect that and loads more alleyway antics when these ratbags take the stage next month.

Food Court

Ripper rock vendors, Sydney four-piece Food Court, have been trusted suppliers of garage fuzz since 2012. Supporting a slew of local legends like Peace, The Delta Riggs and Courtney Barnett over the past few months, they’re ripe as ever to take the ‘Burbs stage. Bringing you delicious 90s grunge and succulent 60s surf pop, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be serving up their tasty tunes with a whole lot of raw energy and rowdy goodness.

The Dandelion

Groovy Sydney four-piece The Dandelion make magical psych pop. With their upcoming LP Seeds, Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion set to be in full bloom next month, the flower children have released a sweet new tune called A Sweet Death Song to give us a waft of their latest intoxicating aromas. Purveyors of flourishing 60s folk psychedelia that swirls around in a field of colour, their magical set will leave you spellbound.

Mesa Cosa

Mesa Cosa are a wild bunch of Melbournites making messy Mexican punk rock. With their blaring vocals, fuming guitar riffs and crazed anthems, this band definitely know how to get the party started. Sure to tear the roof off even next door’s Mexican restaurant, make sure you grab a burrito then strap yourself in for their spicy set of garage fuzz goodness. Ole`!

The Ruminaters

There’s a few things you should know about The Ruminaters – they make grungy but kinda spooky rock tunes, they play their instruments heaps better than when they started out four years ago, they have a second album coming out real soon and, best of all, they like to have fun. So, when you hang with the Rumie gang at Sounds of the Suburbs, good times are pretty much guaranteed.


Alistair Richardson, frontman of Brissy’s indie rock band The Cairos, has started his own solo project and it’s damn beautiful. Transforming into a flying blue dog, Zefereli makes whimsical melodic pop that swirls around with nostalgia. Recently releasing his dreamy debut EP Withdrawals, make sure you take a break from the scuzziness to lap up some of his beautiful tunes.