Cry yourself to sleep in style with this legendary Jack Carty and Jordan Millar playlist

Troubadours Jack Carty and Jordan Miller have hit the road together for a special run of shows billed as “Intimate by Request”. Keeping in theme for this cozy tour both of these fine gentlemen have cobbled together five songs they believe to be the most intimate and shared with us. Take it away fellas.

Jack Carty and Jordan Millar's 10 intimate songs

Looking for the perfect song to feel cozy to? Your expert mates Jack Carty and Jordan Millar have some choice picks for 10 intimate songs.

Jack Carty

A Case Of You – Joni Mitchell

One of the most beautiful songs I ever heard…Joni is the master.

Cape Canaveral – Conor Oberst

If you can find a better lyricist anywhere I’d like to hear about it. The references, the imagery, the metaphors are all endless and gorgeous. When I listen to this song it feels like there are a thousand old super-8 home movies playing in my head.

Angel In The Snow – Elliott Smith

I love the movement in the guitar, it’s beautiful, simple genius. Everything sounds like it is mic’d really close and double tracked. Turn it up loud and it feels like he is all around you.

New Year’s Song – Josh Pyke

I first heard this song on headphones walking through Sydney at night. I was hooked from the Steinbeck reference in the first line: “If you’re freezing on your left side and you’re boiling on your right side, then I guess you might be warm upon the line“.

Long Monday – John Prine

Such a beautifully simple song delivered with perfect earnestness by a voice that sounds like it has the experience to back it up.

Jordan Millar

Firstly, this is an impossible list, but these are the first few that popped into my mind

Elusive – Scott Matthews

When I heard this for the first time it blew me away. It’s deep, it gets me thinking and when you turn it up loud and close your eyes it’s impossible not to be drawn into it.

Stop This Train – John Mayer

If a better song about wanting life to return to simpler times has been written please let me know.

The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin.

The most magical song they’ve ever written in my opinion. There’s a weird intimacy to the guitar chords and structure of the song, and yes a big orchestra comes in at the end, but it remains intimate. Another one for red wine, headphones and lying on the floor.

Jolene/Shelter – Ray Lamontagne

He’s one my favourite songwriters ever and his voice blows my mind, but it’s when he’s singing his quiet love songs that I’m drawn in the most. “A picture of you, holding in a picture of me, in the pocket of my blue jeans. I still don’t know what love means”.

Fix You – Coldplay

There’s not much more to say on this one. If you’re not almost tearing up by the time the end clicks in then you’re a better man than me. I get overwhelmed by it every time. It’s confusing. It’s wonderful.