The first DLC for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is a pair of jackets and a new ride

CD Projekt Red has revealed the first DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 – landing alongside Patch 1.3 – is both purely cosmetic and completely free.

CD Projekt Red tells players of Cyberpunk 2077 that they can now receive several free DLC items through the new ‘Additional Content’ section in its main menu. In this update, a total of four items have now become available; two jackets, a new car, and an alternative appearance for Johnny Silverhand.

The notes go into further detail about how to acquire these DLC items, with Johnny’s alternate look the easiest to get. By simply navigating to Settings and under the Additional Content tab, his new appearance can be fairly quickly changed.

Image: Twitter via Kazuliski

Otherwise, the new Multilayered Syn-Leath Deltajock Jacket and Luminescent Punk Jackets are found in V’s apartment stash. That said, players will have to complete in-game quest The Ride and get a message from Viktor before those two items will be fully available.

On the upside, despite the game’s lack of a cosmetic system for armour, the developers have said that players will be able to craft both jackets at a higher quality than their default Rare/Iconic.

Lastly, the Archer Quartz Bandit car will now be either a reward or a purchase, “depending on choices made by player”, after completing the mission Ghost Town. Either Dakota or Rogue will still need to contact V before this DLC content becomes available.

Patch 1.3 will bring in a huge number of fixes to gameplay, questing, and technical elements of Cyberpunk 2077. The list of changes is pretty monstrous, but among the most appreciated will be improvements to the minimap’s zoom level while driving, improvements to NPC stealth detection behaviour, and a bunch of elevator-related fixes.

A release date for Patch 1.3 and the associated cosmetics is yet to be shared by CD Projekt Red, but apparently it is coming “soon”.

A full list of the changes coming in Patch 1.3 can be found via the official patch notes.