Live Nation Australia backs ‘proof of vaccination’ for music festivals

Live Nation Australia has made a game-changing announcement to improve health and safety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mirroring its counterpart in the US, from October 4th, all of their event personnel – including punters – will be required to present evidence of being fully vaccinated, or negative for COVID.

The announcement was made at the beginning of the week, and now its Asia Pacific arm is set to follow the trend.

live nation
Image: Vulture

Live Nation president, Roger Field said in a statement to Music Feeds this week that:

“All over the world, showing proof of COVID vaccination or negative test is proving to be an effective way at getting fans safely back to large scale events,”

“In Australia, when the timing is right, we need to work with government to explore and trial these kinds of initiatives as a way to get shows back on the road.”

Interestingly enough, the conditional freedom to attend music festivals is an incentive for getting the vaccine for some.

For example, Lollapalooza, a major festival in Chicago and a Live Nation event that took place last month, required attendees to show proof of vaccination to gain entry.

A survey of attendees showed that 12 per cent admitted that going to the festival was their reason for getting vaccinated.

It was also confirmed later that Lollapalooza, an event that attracted more than 385,000 people, has been successfully cleared of any evidence of being a ‘super spreader’ event.

In other words, despite the crowds, it was officially COVID safe!

This puts very positive pressure on populations to take the right action and get the jab.

We are seeing more and more industries adding these tasks to their list of requirements for a number of business interactions, including the ability to work.

The music industry will certainly motivate the masses if we continue this trend into concert attendance.

One of the most missed human experiences following these tedious lockdowns, has simply been the ability to get out there and party!