Cyn unveils a glamorous "rich bitch" pop anthem, 'House With A View'

Cyn unveils a glamorous “rich bitch” pop anthem, ‘House With A View’

Cyn has released a catchy new single, House With A View, along with a lavish music video that perfectly embodies a “rich bitch attitude.”

American singer-songwriter, Cyn has delivered some seriously catchy and expensive-sounding bars in her latest track, House With A View. This latest offering is a glamorous follow-up to Heaven Shine A Light, which propelled the pop songstress into the limelight, as it was featured in the motion picture, Moonshot

In July, Cyn decided she wanted “a house with a view with a side of debt-free attitude,” and she requested these lavish things via her latest bop, aptly titled House With A View. The two-and-a-half-minute pop hit was written by Ryan Daly, Rachel West and Cyn, with Daly jumping on the production side of things. The track rings in your ear like Cyn is ready to get paid big bucks, all dressed up in a dashing fur coat, sitting in an expensive restaurant, wanting nothing less than an A-list night out.

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The song is coupled with a cinematic and colourful music video. Directed by her partner, Kyle Newman and guest-starring Katy Perry, it perfectly encapsulates the “rich bitch attitude” emulated by Cyn in the track.

In the music video, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) hitmaker, Katy Perry, portrays a “rich bitch” who is over the party scene, and gives Cyn the keys to her mansion, so she can look over the doggie while she’s away. Through pastel outfits, a big bathtub filled with petals, shots of Perry’s big mansion, eating cake by the pool and photoshoots involving pillow fights, Cyn has the rich lifestyle down packed! 

The sound of the track itself, is a hypnotic futuristic candy pop tune crafted by deep bass beats and soft electronic elements. It’s bubble-gum pop with audacious grittiness. Picture a super cute femme but they’re going to step on you until they get that house with the view. Her vocal tone is very punchy but sweetened by the sophistication and sexy sass she embodies.

Aching for some debt-free attitude, Cyn slides her voice so casually and smoothly through the chorus that it’s hard to not get swept up in wanting to take a trip to rich bitch avenue with her. A cash register cha-ching adds to that feeling of “it wouldn’t feel like stress, if that shit was picturesque.” The hook of the chorus, “house by the view/party on my big deck” and the ad-libs from the back-up vocals just get stuck in your brain. It’s got such a dreamy, “too good to be true” vibe. 

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Cyn’s flow in the bridge bends through the pop sweetness she’s cooked up and produces tenacious tendencies to tie the whole song together. Cyn is done being eloquent and lush, she wants the house with the view, now. Someone better give it to her ASAP…her sassy cadence is taking over!

Here’s the track below so you can listen to it on the way to work and manifest that you’ll make some fat stacks and you’re living in a house with a view!