Czech man attempts to get around COVID-19 curfew by walking his toy dog

COVID-19 is a straight-up buzzkill. Lockdown, restrictions and the like, it can be tough. However, one man over in the Czech Republic decided to get a bit creative with bending the rules.

A man in the Czech Republic has been pulled over by police after breaking COVID-19 curfew to walk his dog. Except that it wasn’t a real dog, it was a toy dog.

A night curfew from 9 pm to 4:59 am was recently introduced in the Czech Republic as a tactic to slow down the spread of COVID-19, yet currently, people are still allowed to leave their house for a short time in order to walk their dog.

A toy dog covid-19
Photo: Pixabay, Diermaier

“I was nervous, but I never said that I would regret anything and I do not regret anything yet,” said the unidentified man, who was stopped in České Budějovice, South Bohemia, for breaking a legally-enforced nationwide curfew.

Documented by a Czech news crew who had been following the police around in their COVID-19 curfew-enforcement duties, this man’s excuse seems valid at first: he was just walking his dog.

But then you actually see the dog.

Safe to say, the police officers weren’t too happy with the offender, who, after being questioned decided to argue that it was an “artistic practical joke.”

After examining his identification documents, the incident resolved in the man being let off with a warning. With the images going viral on Reddit, social media users’ responses have ranged from humorous to WTF! You can watch the video for yourself below, with the incident kicking in around the 53-second mark.

Back in Australia, with Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions easing up in the next few weeks, Melbournians could probably take a hot tip from old mate and refrain from breaking restrictions to walk any toy dogs.