The owner of has redirected the website to Trump’s Wikipedia page

No fake news here: the website currently redirects to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page and all I can say is, thank you.

Yes, as of Monday morning the URL redirects to none other than the Wikipedia page for former US President Donald Trump.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the last four days, Donald Trump recently lost this year’s US presidential election to Joe Biden, and is here to remind everyone of that.

The domain is owned by an IT worker named Brian Connelly, who often redirects the URL to other pages – he’s even previously set it to redirect to Trump’s Wiki back in 2016, labelling him “the definition of a loser”.

Rapper and failed presidential candidate, Kanye West was Connelly’s target in 2016, while Al Gore’s campaign site back in 2000 was another victim.

Connelly has owned the site for more than 20 years, but despite the lengthy ownership, he said he’s never figured out how to use it commercially. is something that’s hard to wrap your head around in making financially viable,” he described to tech site The Next Web back in 2016. “You can’t go out and ask people to invest in a loser!

But apparently, it didn’t stop there for the former president, as the domain also currently redirects to Donald Trump‘s Twitter account. 

Even with the constant reminder that Mr Trump has indeed been ‘fired’, he still refuses election defeat. At this point, he is not expected to formally concede but likely rather to begrudgingly leave the White House when his time is up.

Considering his hatred for fake news, maybe Donald should take a quick look at one of these websites and the message might finally sink in a bit.