Sad news: Kanye West has conceded defeat in the 2020 election

It always seemed like some sort of cosmic joke that Kanye would really run for president. But, in a world where Trump is still a solid contender, anything is possible.

Late Tuesday night, Kanye West conceded defeat in the 2020 election after failing to gain enough support in any state. For a presidential party to be eligible to run in the United States, they must receive at least 0.5% of state votes. West was close, just not close enough.

Unfortunately, the rapper only received 0.4% in Idaho (3,631 votes), Oklahoma (5,590 votes), and Utah (4,344 votes), while in Arkansas (4,040 votes), Kentucky (6,259 votes), Mississippi (3,131 votes) and Vermont (1,265 votes), the rapper managed to only gain 0.3% of the total votes. While still an impressive achievement, this did mean that Kanye Omari West had to bow out of the US presidential election.

kanye president
Photo: Via NSS Mag

From the onset, the musician’s “Birthday Party” seemed to be caught in a pipe dream, reaching the ballots of only 12 states. After failing to meet deadlines and accusations of signature fraud, it seems that West’s rocky electoral start resulted in his dismal ballot performance.

Yet, this didn’t quash the mogul’s confidence, with the rapper posting photos of himself at the Wyoming polling lines (where he didn’t make the ballot) on Tuesday morning. It comes as no surprise that West voted for, you guessed it, himself.

However, it is still surprising that Kanye collected 60,000 votes considering his terrible administration and campaign efforts. Those 60,000 must have either been really disillusioned with the pickings or super eager to show their support for the Yeezy God. What is even more surprising (or depressing) is that in Tennessee, Kanye received more votes than the Constitution Party, the Green Party of the United States, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation, gaining 0.3% of all votes.

After the defeat, Kanye posted a mysterious portrait of him silhouetted in front of the American map, captioned “Kanye 2024.”

In spite of this loss, it seems the 808s & Heartbreak legend is still optimistic about his future presidential aspirations.