Kanye West has reportedly withdrawn from the US presidential election

As most of us are aware by now, rapper and superstar Kanye West made the bold declaration that he would run in the US presidential election a mere two weeks ago. However, a recent turn of events suggests that his election campaign may be short-lived.

Steve Kramer, a member of the rapper’s campaign, has announced that West officially pulled out of the 2020 presidential election. Despite receiving some support, his name was unable to appear on numerous state ballots anyway, due to his late entry.

As Kanye West’s late entry into the 2020 United States presidential election has prohibited him from appearing on state ballots, the Yeezy founder has been forced to withdraw from his campaign.

Yeezy announced his run for President via Twitter on the 4th of July, sparking a lot of hype, controversy, and differing opinions. Last week, the star took steps towards getting his name on the ballot in various states, slating himself to run as a third-party candidate against heavyweights Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Campaign member Steve Kramer recently spoke to the Intelligencer about the current status of West’s campaign.

“We had overwhelming support to get him on the ballot,” he said. “Whether anybody is going to vote for him or not is up to them. They [the West campaign] got a lot of people who they’ve got both on their volunteer side and their contracted side.”

However, due to the campaign’s timing, West will not appear on various state ballots. This aspect makes it difficult for West to earn enough votes to be elected. Despite the campaign’s efforts, Kramer says that West is now out of the race.

With the rapper’s polls rating fairly low among the American public, his recent loss of support from Elon Musk, and his staunch pro-life and anti-vaccine stance, this news comes as a sigh of relief for many.

Although that’s not to say that the contentious star has lost all endorsement, with Chance the Rapper suggesting that he’d rather support Kanye than Joe Biden.

There has been no official statement from West about the end of his campaign yet, so watch this space.