Move over US election, #BoycottWoolworths trends at number 1 on Aussie Twitter

Woolworths makes a questionable decision in partnering with News Corp, just after half a million Australians sign to support an investigation into the Murdoch media empire.

Although we are in the midst of an Election Day storm, #BoycottWoolworths managed to top trending charts today in Australia. Just yesterday, the supermarket giant Woolworths announced a partnership with fellow media giant, the Murdoch-owned News Corp, for the Thanks A Million campaign.

“We are proud to partner with News Corp to celebrate the human stories of 2020 with Thanks A Million, and I encourage you to nominate the people who you think deserve to be thanked,” Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci described in a statement.


While it’s old news that economic monopolies have always supported each other, this decision has completely stunned Australians, with its announcement coming right after one of the most significant petitions in Australia’s history.

Yesterday was the final day of former PM Kevin Rudd’s petition to launch a Royal Commission into the Murdoch media empire. Over the last month, more than half a million Australians signed in support, making it one of the most-signed petitions in the country’s history.

The campaign itself doesn’t look too bad, but its viability is questioned when its main support is currently considered to be one of the biggest threats to Australian democracy.

Australians clearly feel very strongly about the decision, with thousands flocking to social media to express their outrage over the idiotic decision from Woolworths.

Loyal customers have vowed to stop shopping at Woolies, opting instead for Coles and Aldi, in order to avoid supporting the Murdoch media empire.

I can’t comprehend how Woolworths thought this would be a good idea, but interestingly, it seems the supermarket giant has taken down the announcement on all their socials.

Perhaps they’re having second thoughts?