Don’t tell Karen: Woolworths also want you to wear a mask

The saying “avoid it like the plague” has officially been made redundant after the insane ways people have been responding to the health advice about wearing masks and staying at home.

Masks have been a big debate at the moment; some have argued for them, and others against. NSW hasn’t made masks compulsory yet but it’s still on the cards, meanwhile Victoria is officially making them mandatory this week.


More businesses are asking their customers and staff to wear masks for the safety of the community, including Woolworths and Bunnings.

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you’ll have noticed the amount of memes, videos, and tweets coming out about mandatory masks. The most talked about thing though, is the Karen at a Melbourne Bunnings who threatened to sue employees and then refused to stop filming after being politely asked to. She has been slammed left, right and centre from the likes of Lisa Wilkinson, Waleed Aly, and the man, Dan Andrews.

This week, Woolworths announced that it was following suit so all customers and staff in their stores, including Dan Murphy’s, Big W and BWS, are “strongly encouraged” to wear masks.

Woolies’ chief executive Brad Banducci said this was for the “safety and well being of our customers, teams and communities.”

Even though wearing a face covering is not mandatory in NSW, ACT or Queensland, as the largest private sector employer with stores in almost every community, we feel it’s important we lead the way in helping reduce community transmission of Covid-19.”

Whilst some may be in staunch disagreement, wearing masks has proven to be effective and health officials have been advocating for governments to implement a mandatory mask rule. It seems that Bunnings and Woolies won’t be the only companies making masks compulsory in their stores, and it will be interesting to see who’s next.