Attn Melbourne: this website shows you what’s within a 5km radius from your home

Good news for the people of Melbourne: lockdown just got a little bit easier.

After it was announced over the weekend that Melbournians are only allowed to go within a 5km radius of their homes (and only for essential reasons like shopping and exercise), many were undoubtedly left wondering how one measures said radius. Well, the good news is that there’s a website that will help you do exactly that, so you can navigate your way around town without breaking the 5km rule.

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If you live in Melbourne, 2km From Home will help you carry on with your daily activities without worrying too much about the 5km lockdown rule.

2km From Home is a simple and easy to use website with one intention: to show you what is in a certain radius from your house.

Originally created overseas, the name suggests focusing on only a 2km radius, but there is a function to change the 2km distance up to 20km. The creator of the website, Dave Bolger, recently took to Twitter to show statistics which revealed a massive spike from Australian users within just a couple of hours.


The simplicity of the website makes it easy for anyone to use, basically doing all of the work for you. Once you click on the link and have been taken to the site, it will use your automatic location and display a radius circle which you can zoom in and out of.

Obviously, normal restrictions will still apply, so even if your mate lives 2km away, you’ll still have to hold off on those gatho plans for a little while longer.