There are now 4 situations where you should wear a mask in NSW

There are now 4 situations where you should wear a mask in NSW

With NSW at a critical point in its coronavirus battle, everyone’s favourite Premier Gladys Berejiklian has outlined four situations where it is “strongly recommended” that people wear a mask.

It comes as thirteen new cases of coronavirus were announced across the state this morning, leading to the closure of three pubs in Newcastle and a court house in Lake Macquarie.

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that there are now four situations where it’s “strongly recommended” that people wear a mask.

As reported by the ABC, Berejiklian encouraged people to wear masks when:

  1. In enclosed spaces, like on public transport or in supermarkets
  2. Working in a customer-facing role, like hospitality or retail
  3. Attending a place of worship
  4. In an area of high community transmission

Whilst she clarified that at this point the wearing of masks is not mandatory in NSW, she said the advice was a “strong recommendation from Health” due to the risk posed by the current situation in Victoria and the rate of community transmission in NSW.

“Where you are in an enclosed space and you cannot guarantee social distancing, you should be wearing a mask,” she described.

Berejiklian stressed the importance of the next few weeks and argued that if the state could keep case numbers low, “we have very good prospects of having a better experience during the pandemic,” according to The Guardian.

The Premier also clarified that fabric masks were ok to use, provided they were made of three layers of fabric and washed after each time of use.

It comes as Woolworths announced it “strongly encouraged” all staff and customers to wear a mask in stores across the country.

Thirteen new cases of coronavirus were announced across NSW today, leading to the closure of Hotel Jesmond, Lambton Park Hotel, and Wallsend Diggers Club in Newcastle, as well as Toronto Court House in Lake Macquarie.

As of last night, it is now mandatory for all people across Victoria to wear a mask anytime they leave the house. Victoria has now enacted a state of disaster, with Melbourne placed under stage 4 restrictions and the rest of the state under stage 3. Victoria recorded more than 400 new cases today.